A Cincinnati web and advertising agency for Ostrich farmers

Let’s make history together.

Bold creative. Airtight brand strategy. And a friendly dose of social change.

That’s the Ideopia recipe.

We believe that if we do our jobs right, we can change people’s lives. Make the world a better place. And have fun doing it, too.

Ideopia’s history, starting in the basement

The early, leaky years

Our story began more than two decades ago in a leaky, but functional, basement on Cincinnati’s east side.

Frustrated with the state of advertising, industry veterans Bill and Susan Abramovitz left cozy gigs to start their own shop – one where creative and strategy were valued above all.

With $25 in the bank, a telephone and a rubber dolphin named Flipper, Ideopia was born.

The mission: kill flippers

We took the idea of new business meetings, and slammed it on its head.

Our very first pitches began with Susan banging Flipper – dorsal fin first – on the table. This act of savagery was met with confusion, intrigue and a touch of horror.

Disruptive? Sure. Weird? Absolutely. Effective? 100 percent.

The rubber toy represented consumers. The kind who flip through ads in a magazine, or hit the remote the second a commercial appeared. Our mission was, and still is, to get the attention of flippers with powerful, unexpected advertising.

A hybrid approach

It’s OK to be flat. That’s our philosophy of how an agency should run. Interactive, creative, social media, public relations and strategy all under one roof.

We call it hybrid.

What does it mean for our clients? Greater advertising impact, increased ROI and bigger market share. The average growth in revenue by Ideopia clients is 19 percent, and that’s through four recessions.

Working with the good guys

We’re powered by brands that make useful products.

International healthcare leaders. Regional restaurant groups. Cincinnati retailers, home builders and private aviators. And America’s toughest heavy-duty manufacturers, to name a few.

See our work.

Whether it’s a medical device that helps doctors save the eyesight of millions, or a chain of hip Italian restaurants that whips up 50 pounds of pasta by hand daily, every brand has a story to be told.

We work with all of our clients to tell those stories, and relate to consumers through any medium. With the most innovative technology.

Inside the vibrant walls: our culture

Electric lime and scarlet red walls with a splash of yellow and light blue.

A constant aroma of freshly brewed java, with a hint of bourbon on select Fridays.

And the sounds of furious typing, mouse clicking, feet stomping and head banging from an eclectic mix of brand strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, social media whizzes and PR pros.

Stroll through Ideopia headquarters and you’ll “get” the culture. A colorful shell is a reflection of our clients, inspirations, and what drives us to create larger than life ideas.

We’re inspired by weird, often contrarian, concepts that spark social change. Think music legends like Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon, and avant-garde companies like Google, Apple and Starbucks.

Staying ahead of the tech buzz

A great idea can be expressed through any medium. That’s why we’re always searching for new ways to connect with consumers.

Call us social media pioneers, early mobile adopters, guerrilla marketing pathfinders and content marketing seekers.

Your customers won’t hesitate to flock to “the next big thing.” We’ll work with your brand to identify those up-and-coming technologies and get out in front of the next tech bubble.

Jump on the hybrid train, and change the world with us.

You’re not just searching for an agency. You’re searching for results. The kind that grow your business, create real buzz in your industry, and let you rest easy at night.

With our hybrid marketing punch, energetic team, fresh technology and appetite for creating sustainable and profitable brands, we’ll help you do just that.