A Cincinnati web and advertising agency for Ostrich farmers


To build medical, consumer and business-to-business brands faster and more efficiently through our unique hybrid marketing approach.

To use marketing as a positive social force, solving problems for our clients and our community.

Ideopia’s mission


  • Give our clients a strategic advantage built on facts.
  • Devise creative work that gets attention the first time.
  • Lower costs and raise effectiveness by cycling content across multiple media.
  • Manage brands for consistent messaging and presentation in all media.
  • Synchronize digital media and off-line activities to “reach more prospects, more times.”


  • We believe that creativity, exploration and the ability to adaptability are key to our success.
  • Our most important assets are our people, and we will always make them the first consideration in making decisions.
  • We will not work for bullies, dishonest clients, penny pinchers, or companies that manufacture harmful products.
  • We do not handle any religious or political advertising and marketing.
  • Great communication is based on truth. We won’t produce work that is dishonest.
  • We will use our talents to affect social change.
  • Our on-going journey is to stay curious, soak up knowledge, and grow our capabilities to further serve our clients.