Socially responsible advertising

One of our core values is the belief that marketing creates social change as well as growing market share. Our social responsibility targets these key areas:

Internal Environment and Management

  • Treat our employees with respect, fair pay and benefits.
  • Reduce our carbon footprint through energy and resource conservation, and technology.
  • Recycle all paper, plastic, cardboard and computer equipment.
  • Opt not to represent clients that work against community and environmental interests.
  • Lower carbon emissions by working with local vendors whenever possible.

Community Action and Pro bono work.

  • Focus on helping organizations with long-term strategic goals rather than short-lived (often reactive) projects.
  • Target non-profit organizations involved in education, healthcare, and housing for the disadvantaged.
  • Support causes important to our clients and employees.

Choose the Right Clients

To keep our company moving in the right direction, we look for clients that share our values, or don't work in opposition to them. For example, we choose not to work for companies that:

  • Promote gambling, production of tobacco products, or firearms.
  • Harm the environment and aren't doing something about it.
  • Engage in discriminatory hiring practices, or deceptive marketing.
Otherwise, we’re up for just about anything.

A few of our favorite pro bono clients

Union Township Firefighters, Ohio
Suffolk County Firefighters, New York
Cincinnati and Pennsylvania State Bar Associations
Ronald McDonald House Charities, Cincinnati
Urban Learning Center, Covington, Kentucky
The Columbus Housing Partnership (Homeport), Columbus, Ohio
The Atrium Medical Center, Middletown, Ohio
Cat Neutering, Ideopia House Project, National
Communities in Schools Gala, North Carolina
Shining Star Sports, Cincinnati
WVXU Public Radio, Cincinnati

Is your non-profit interested in partnering with Ideopia? Please call Susan Abramovitz 513-947-1444 ext. 10

We also suggest you review our new pro bono policy.

Identity and merchandising for Homeport
Non-profit with for profit divisions - Columbus

Gala fundraising campaign
Ronald McDonald House Charities, Cincinnati

Poster for Cincinnati's Shining Star Sports
Teaching life values through basketball