A few words from our clients, who are not paid actors.

Our 23-Year-Long Partnership

Ideopia has partnered with Reliance Medical Products since the beginning of our business. Steve Juenger, VP of Sales and Marketing, describes the journey.

Turning Research into Effective Advertising

Mark Lippert, VP of Marketing at Hamilton Caster, shows how Ideopia turned research findings into breakthrough advertising.

Capturing Mind Share with Ideopia

Mark Newkirk, CEO of Eyefficient, talks about how Ideopia's creative captures attention.

Learning the Business & Creative

Cathy Machinga, CEO of ValAir Valet Parking (CVG) talks about her 10-year-long relationship with Ideopia.

Ideopia is Engaged in Our Business

Mark Newkirk, CEO of Eyefficient, talks about the Ideopia team.

Participation in Corporate Strategy

Mark Lippert, VP of Marketing for Hamilton Caster, talks about Ideopia learning the business and participating in the formulation of corporate strategy.

Evolution of eNewsletter & Blog

Steve Lippert, Vice President of Hamilton Caster, describes how Ideopia revolutionized a 48-year-old newsletter.

Why Ideopia? Ask Mark Newkirk.

CEO of Eyefficient describes how a well-rounded agency like Ideopia fits his stringent criteria.