Top 9 Dirt Cheap Ways to Improve Your Web Site

The remodeling tips below require almost no knowledge of code, but they can have a big impact when you get them right.

    1. Proof all copy for typos and grammar.
    2. Read your copy. Cut jargon and long-winded phrases.
    3. Break long paragraphs of copy into bullet points. Web visitors scan, they don’t read.
    4. Run a free online link checker, like Integrity, on your site. Fix broken links.
    5. Make sure headings or headlines on each page instantly communicate the page’s content.
    6. Check all forms. Make sure all fields work, and results are returned to the correct person. Do the same with email links.
    7. If you don’t have a contact form, get one.
    8. If your blog doesn’t have an RSS icon or feed, get one. It’s usually a simple setting.
    9. Review all pages to make sure they have titles above the browser window. These are essential for search rankings and understandable search results.
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