Naked HTML: Do your web visitors give a hoot?

Sheer volume of web traffic, as we pointed out in our article on Bounce Rate, doesn’t tell you whether visitors had a good time at your site, learned anything, or absorbed key messages about your brand. Although there are some exciting new analytics tools that monitor the quality of engagement, you can get started by investigating the average time visitors spend on your site and per page. The underlying assumption is simple. If people like your page, they’ll spend time with it. If they’re bored silly, they’ll move on. Here’s what to look for:

  1. What’s the Average Time Spent on the site as a whole?
  2. Compare directories on the site, e.g. your about section vs. products. Where are visitors spending the bulk of their time on your site? Does that match your web strategy?
  3. Are your visitors spending time on critical pages, e.g. product overview, pages that differentiate you from your competitors, etc?
  4. Sort pages from highest to lowest Avg. Time Spent on Page. What’s performing well, what’s not?
  5. Are there pages that drive a high percentage of viewing that don’t directly advance your business, e.g. the photo gallery with everyone popping brewskies at the office tailgate party? These pages are valuable, but keep in mind that they could be distorting your view of your site’s overall performance.

Use this information to build on content that already engages your visitors, and improve or eliminate pages that don’t.

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