Make Your Marketing Zappable with QR Codes

Those peculiar barcodes you may have seen on your Blackberry or Android smart phone have taken over Japan, and might soon become mainstream in the United States. Quick Response (QR) Codes, two-dimensional barcodes, started out in the early 90s as a way for manufacturers to track vehicle parts, but they’ve now spread to mobile phones, further linking the physical world and cyberspace.

QR Codes for Advertising

Japanese companies use QR Codes for advertising, notably on billboards so consumers can snap pictures from their cell-phones and head directly to the companies’ websites. The codes can be slapped on magazine ads, billboards, signage, or even business cards.

Some smart phones in the United States have already integrated QR Code technology, and as smart phones continue to skyrocket in popularity, that number will increase. The codes are appealing to advertisers because of their ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between cyberspace and the real world. By holding up your phone to an ad, you are instantly transported to the destination.

Do a Google search to create your own QR Codes. Does your smartphone have a QR reader? Scan our code:

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