Did Google’s Panda Eat Your Website?

Have your search rankings taken a dive recently? It’s possible Google’s Panda, the latest update to the search giant’s algorithm, has thrashed you. As with previous updates, Google is aiming to squash certain types of sites called link farms. In the past, large numbers of links from these sites would boost your ranking. Now Google is lowering your ranking for these links, because their relevance to your site’s content is low.

So what makes a good or a bad page? The SEOBook.com has these useful guidelines: A useful document…

1.    will pass a human inspection

2.    is not ad heavy

3.    is well linked externally

4.    is not a copy of another document

5.    is typically created by a brand or an entity which has a distribution channel outside of the search channel

6.    does not have a 100% bounce rate followed by a click on a different search result for that same search query

To learn more, consult this mostly non-technical guide to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines from FeedTheBot.com.

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