The Anatomy of a Terrible Tweet

Example of how NOT to tweet

1.    Typing in all caps is rude and annoying. In the tech world, it’s considered shouting. SERIOUSLY, DO NOT EVER TYPE IN ALL CAPS.

2.    Begging for re-tweets can be effective, but only if used sparingly. So don’t ask for RTs on every post. Engaging content can often spread on its own.

3.    Spelling. Check it. Because you can tweet from anywhere and anytime, the temptation is to tweet as quickly as possible. But consistent typos hurt your Twitter cred.

4.    #Hashtag overload. We love hashtags, but please keep them simple and make sure they support the tweet’s message. If the tag isn’t related to the tweet, it’s spam.

5.    Cheesy slogans. Not that they’re ever effective, but they especially don’t work on Twitter. If you’re tweeting about rugs, tweet about your lifetime warranty or special Persian, stain-resistant matting. Don’t just say they’re high quality.

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