7 Numbers Every Tweeter Should Know

Stay on top of your Twitter game by tracking seven easily available numbers. Use them to monitor the progress and value of your account over time. You’ll find all of them within your Twitter account.

  1. Following: Number of unique accounts you follow.
  2. Followers: The number of unique Tweeters that follow your handle. Consistent growth shows effective content and interaction.
  3. Mentions: The number of times your followers have mentioned you on their accounts. Indicates follower interaction and loyalty.
  4. Retweets: By retweeting your content, your followers are extending your reach and confirming the interest of your posts.
  5. No. of Tweets: Total number of tweets you’ve sent from your account.
  6. Tweet to Follower Ratio: Divide number of followers by number of tweets to get the number of tweets per follower. The lower the number, the greater return on your Tweeting investment.
  7. Traffic to Website: The big payoff! The number of visits your followers have made to your website or online store. Retrieve from Google Analytics under “Traffic Sources.”

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