Make Pinterest Your Next Marketing Profit Center


Pinterest is undoubtedly the social media platform du jour. With 100 million users and an estimated market edging over $300 billion, Pinterest already ranks third in size behind Facebook and Twitter.

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Pinterest shines with its exquisite simplicity. You’ll need to request an account with your email address, or receive an invitation.
Then you can grab an image from any website, pin it, and voila, you’re a Pinster.

The low cost of entry has a flip side, too. Your major competitors will coexist with you alongside smaller companies. If this sounds frivolous, think again.

Because of the low cost of entry, Fortune 500 companies will coincide with smaller companies, and mom and pops. And compared to many other platforms, it’s relatively easy to monetize your participation and track it through analytics services like Here’s how it works:

  1. Pinterest drives traffic to product pages, ecommerce stores, and your website, where you can track value through conversions.
  2. Lead off with a Pinterest promotion to increase participation on your boards, drive traffic to your website, and introduce existing customers to a new side of your brand.
  3. Pinners regularly share images or videos by repining, which can virally extend your reach.
  4. Pinterest, like other social media, positively impacts SEO.
  5. Pinterest makes it easy for your customers to share your products with friends and co-workers, e.g. creating a board for fixtures you want in your new home.
  6. Pinterest is visual and emotional, so it’s a great way to show the depth of your brand. Tell the story of things, people and ideas that inspire your brand. Find images that communicate what your brand feels like. This is the stuff of brand loyalty.

Would you like to talk about the strategic use of Pinterest for your brand? We would be happy to send you an invitation. Call Susan or Mike.

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