Social Media Typos: Should You Fix Them?


Typos. Every writer’s bane. Except on social media, where minor bloopers can sometimes help you.

Here’s when it’s OK to misfire.

  • Brush aside a minor typo. A missing space or errant apostrophe won’t kill your credibility, but it will show that drones don’t manage your account.
  • Deleting a tweet hurts more. Trigger-happy folks may have already commented on your post or re-tweeted it. Removing it because of a tiny mistake could cost you vital interaction – the reason you use social media.
  • Leverage a mistake. Someone will almost always call you out. Make it positive, like “whoops, too much caffeine for us. Have a great weekend!”

But some errors can’t be ignored.

  • Major FUBARs. Client names and company names. Don’t mess them up. And if you do, fix them before it’s too late.
  • Omitting crucial words or letters. It only takes one keystroke to change the meaning of your sentence. See the difference between “public” and “pubic.”
  • Consistent errors. Everyone makes typos. But don’t make them a habit. One mishap won’t murder your social cred, but a pile of them will tarnish your rep.
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