Jumpstart Your Content Marketing with Ideopia.


It’s easy to understand why 86% of B2C and 91% of all B2B brands claim some involvement in content marketing: It’s a lot more fun than hammering prospects with 100s of (unreturned) voicemails. With content marketing you’ll just reel them in with tantalizing blog posts, videos, white papers and webinars.

Starting this month, Ideopia will allow you to do just that with our content marketing services. It’s an invaluable tool for lead generation and nurturing, and driving qualified traffic back to your website.

You may already use some aspects of content marketing, like a blog, social media, or a landing page. Ideopia will put some of these same elements together to drive qualified customers to your site.

The key ingredients are:

  • Strategy. Define goals, map out a content strategy, and a promotion plan.
  • Engaging content. Develop content that’s relevant to your brand and your customer. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination: white papers, videos, infographics, videos, promotions, and downloadable apps.
  • Promote. Use social media, email and web banners to push visitors to your valuable content.
  • Lead capture. Design landing pages and website forms to capture critical lead information, like name and email. If your white paper or video is good enough, they’ll be happy to give up the information. Sometimes this data will be exclusive to visitors who want access to specific content, e.g. a white paper.
  • Lead nurturing. Maintain contact with your prospects via email, educate them about your products, and give them attractive opportunities to become a customer!

Find out how Ideopia can orchestrate your content marketing program. Call Mike Bober at 513-947-1444, ext. 15.

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