The Truth About Creativity and Booze


It’s no secret that people who sustain high levels of creativity occasionally take a swig from the bottle. Others are drunken sots. So does booze improve creativity or not? Turns out it, it does.

An article published in “Consciousness and Cognition” explains that “test subjects intoxicated at a blood alcohol level of .075, which is the equivalent of two pints of beer, performed better under tests designed to examine their creativity.”

The theory is that alcohol relaxes the brain so it can guzzle more visual information. But just in case you’re tempted to a binge, don’t. Higher levels of alcohol diminish the its effectiveness as a creative enhancer, and raise your chances of getting pummeled in a bar fight.

If you need to sneak booze into the office for creative reasons, copywriter Eric House recommends hiding it in your beard. Hirsute challenged? Don’t worry, you can cloak an entire six-pack under the beer beard.

Let us know how that works out for you.

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