Market To Billions With Baidu, China’s Search Giant


With more active users than the U.S. population, Baidu racks up a staggering 5 billion search queries a day. Yet, outside of China, the fifth most popular website in the world is largely unknown.

But for global brands, that’s starting to change. Here’s what you need to know about advertising on the Google of China:

Breaking down the language barrier

Baidu only crawls websites written in Simplified Chinese, so every search ad, website and landing page must be translated. The company offers support in English, and can put you in touch with a translator. Sure beats “Chinese for Dummies.”

Resellers set up shop in the U.S.

For the right price, companies like China Search International (CSI) make it easy to advertise on Baidu. They translate ad copy and keywords, handle all required documentation (China is strict with regulations), and report analytics.

It’s not just a Google clone

On top of paid search, Baidu offers animated and interactive banner ads, and its own version of homepage takeovers. These campaigns reportedly boast incredible click-thru rates of 50 percent or more.

Should your brand Baidu?

For companies with Chinese interests, Baidu can’t be ignored. With more than 531 million users and 90 percent of the search market, it’s clear that Baidu is the frontrunner in China. As for the rest of us in our American cubbyhole? Google will do just fine.

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