Splice words together for unique brand names


Have you tried to buy a domain name for a website lately? Then you know exactly what we’re talking about. Like a Vegas slot machine, you plugged dozens of names into a domain lookup service. Sometime in the wee hours, maybe, you got lucky.

The problem starts with generic terms. They’ll thwart your attempts to plant in the brains of your customers, or find a domain name shorter than the alphabet. And good luck securing a trademark.

Word splicing for fun and pleasure

When things get tough at Ideopia, we make things up. This is where portmanteau (blended) words come in handy, and we brag about our own name. Ideopia is a blend of “idee,” which is Greek for idea, and “opia,” happy place. If you get in a bind, you can add “oholic” or “ology,” or “cism” to the end of nearly every word. Grab a six pack of Carrotology juice and a Feetza, a pizza in the shape of a foot, and watch the game on your Eyetoaster. For extra intellectual property head room, mess with the spelling, like Karrotology or Eye Toester.

Concoct your own brand names

Developing unique brand names is hard work. At least with portmanteaus, the official international snack food is Reese’s Cups. Chomp down on those while you build an extensive list of terms and associations with your brand, its values, and its unique point of difference. Then the fun begins. Make sure you have plenty of Keratology juice on hand and start splicing, gluing, blending and changing the spelling of words until the magic happens.

Famous portmanteau brands

Coco Crisp
Dunkin’ Donuts
Krispy Kreme
Circuit City
Bob’s Big Boy

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