New insights on video length and influence.


It depends. Yes, we hear you groan. The time span for most online video is 15 seconds to three minutes. Length should be determined more by the video’s function. Is it a one-minute explainer, or a 15-second branding pop? The only thing we know for sure is that the attention span is dropping.

You have 10 seconds to lasso in viewers, or they will click or scroll away. After 30 seconds you’ve lost 33% of viewers, and after one minute you’ll be shunned by another 45% of viewers no matter what the length of the video.

Important factors to consider are:

  • Context – where it is placed and what’s the quality of your visual competition?
  • Is your video appearing on your own site, or is it pre-roll on a video platform?
  • Production values – placement is a clue to the quality you should aspire to.

As always, get clear with your marketing objective. Some videos are designed to be intrusive and make brand impressions. Others are for the education of users who are already customers, and others are in the direct response mold.

How does online video affect your audience?

Google, now YouTube’s boss, released data last month that provides more insight about how video impacts the sales process.

Three big takeaways

  1. Six in 10 millennials will follow the advice of a favorite creator over a favorite TV/movie personality on what to buy.
  2. Six in 10 millennials watch videos by their favorite creators within 24 hours.
  3. Video on small screens, i.e. smartphones and tablets, lifts consideration of a product by 74% and its favorability perception by 61%.
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