Ideopia Wins Medical Marketing Awards

For 11 consecutive years, Ideopia has won heavy metal in the Aster’s, a medical and healthcare marketing competition. Our haul for 2015 was two Silvers and a Gold. We’re revved, humbled, and happy for another excuse to party. Clients? Not so much. They like awards, too, but they’re much more excited about the results.

Actual performance has little to do with most award shows, including the Aster’s. So we thought you might enjoy the real story on the marketing challenges we faced, and how we stared them down with our work.


Silver for ophthalmic manufacturer website redesign

Bell, an ophthalmic distributor in Westville, New Jersey, won a Silver Aster for its new website.

The main goals of the web development process were to increase traffic, improve usability and flow for site visitors, implement e-commerce, and build a mobile-friendly site.

The search engine optimization (SEO) challenge was to target the site to specific locations within a two-hour drive from Bell’s headquarters. Our client’s goal is to provide personal, on-site service to his customers.

This is a heavily populated area that includes Philadelphia, Baltimore and Manhattan, and slices of other cities in Maryland and Delaware. The site now ranks in the top five on Google with all major keywords throughout the target area.

The product section, which is now an e-commerce store, contains 180 SKUs. To increase usability and readability, copy was written and rewritten for web. Bullet points, subheads, and multiple pages keep visitors from burning out on text. Our development team allocated extra time to design smooth store navigation and checkout flow.

To create churn with fresh content, a blog and an e-newsletter were added. And , thanks to a content management system (CMS), our client can make all content changes to the site himself.

The results for this project include a 125% increase in traffic, and similar increases in time spent on the site, and page views.


Surgical microscope campaign pulls down silver

Ideopia won Silver in the Magazine Category for a print advertising campaign that introduced Haag-Streit surgical microscopes to the U.S. market. Haag-Streit, an international medical equipment and device manufacturer, is based in Berne, Switzerland. A subsidiary in Mason, Ohio, handles U.S. distribution.

The two challenges we faced were 1) creative: how do we differentiate Haag-Streit from its competitors conceptually, and 2) strategic: what is our argument for increasing brand preference? The answer was leveraging the client’s German and Swiss heritage to support its claim of superior optics.

Results? The campaign with minor alterations in copy drove demand in two markets: neurosurgery and ophthalmology.


Tree-hugging self promotion is pure gold

Ideopia’s Treebie Squad delivers its first Treebie to client Avure Technologies.

Ideopia received a Gold Award for a self-promotion project that encouraged recycling and social responsibility. We started out with our clients by giving them a Treebie with every print job. The Treebie represents a tree Ideopia planted for them via the Arbor Day Foundation and our local Hamilton Country parks. To support the effort, we built a mini site that explains the effects of deforestation. Treebies were promoted to our clients and prospects via email, social media, public relations, and good old door to door. See video.

For us, it’s a success because it reflects our environmental values to the outside world and prospective clients. We’re proud of it, and we intend to build on it.

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Ideopia Reforests the Planet, One Print Job at a Time

Cincinnati, Ohio (April 21, 2015) – Ideopia, a B2B and B2C integrated marketing agency, celebrates its 25th year in the advertising business by launching the Treebie Initiative, a program designed to replace trees for every print project completed by the agency for its clients.

For every print job ordered by a client, Ideopia makes a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Cincinnati Nature Center or Great Parks of Hamilton County. The client is then presented with a Treebie award, printed on 100% post-consumer fiber, with earth-friendly toner instead of ink, and processed chlorine free. The awards are suitable for hanging on the official Dano the Squirrel Treebie Display Peg.

Treebies Package


“Any time we can make cool work and help the environment in a big way, that’s a win in my book,” said copywriter Eric House. “It feels even better to support these great organizations, and pass Treebies along to our clients, friends and families.”

Giving back to the community has always been a part of Ideopia’s DNA, long before Corporate Social Responsibility was a buzzword,” said Bill Abramovitz, CEO and Creative Director. “We’ve been involved in projects from helping keep at-risk students in high school so they graduate, to making home ownership a possibility for lower income families. We’ve built marketing campaigns for agencies that provide services for critically ill children and helped non-profits with programs that make it possible for low-income students to earn college credits right in their own neighborhood. We even created a video game to raise awareness of the necessity of having pets spayed or neutered.”

More information on Treebie and an infographic on the Treebie Effect available at

About Ideopia

Founded in 1990, Ideopia is a B2B and B2C integrated marketing agency that partners with clients to achieve long-term goals through interactive marketing, web development, social media, public relations and advertising. Ideopia recently announced the creation of its new medical division, designed to meet the specific demands of companies in the medical and healthcare fields.

Headquartered in Cincinnati but lives in the cloud at and

For behind-the-scenes photos of how Treebie came to life, check out our facebook page at

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Treebies Send Environmental Message to Clients

Are you an Ideopia client? If so, keep an eye on your mailbox for a Treebie card and environmental message from your socially responsible friends at Ideopia.

So, what’s a Treebie? After every major print job, we plant a tree to restore what we borrowed from the environment. It’s our way of making things right with Mother Nature, and spreading a little good to our business partners.

As for the cards, they’re FSC® certified, which means made with 100% post consumer fiber, earth-friendly toner instead of ink, no new trees, and processed chlorine free.

Dig into the Details on Our Treebie Website

To learn more, check out our new Treebie environmental program website. It’s loaded with factoids about the program, and a cool infographic that highlights the impact on the environment. For example, did you know a single replanted tree can provide roughly 20,000 sheets of paper and enough oxygen for two people?

Ready for your very own Treebie? Call Susan at 513-947-1444 x10, and put in an order for a new print job.

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Ideopia’s Tasty New Account Stretches Waistlines

While we remain committed to the medical market with clients like Bell Ophthalmic, Eyefficient and Volk Optical, we’re thrilled to have food in our lives from Avure Technologies. Avure is the global leader in HPP, a processing method that kills microorganisms and seals in freshness with water pressure alone. Yep, no chemicals or radiation. And the food? It tastes just like it came from the kitchen. The machines cost millions, but we think it’s a small price to pay for delicious food. Check out Avure’s new website, and stop by Pack Expo in Chicago this weekend to see more of our work.

Avure’s website has a non-technical look, which reinforces HPP’s position as a mainstream food processing technique.

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Websites and Eco Promotion Win Awards

Print isn’t a flashy buzzword like marketing automation or native advertising, but in the hands of a great agency, it’s still an ROI monster. A trio of readership awards Ideopia just won for Haag-Streit USA confirms this.

Our new campaigns for Octopus and Tonosafe medical devices were named the top attention-getting ads in three healthcare publications: Review of Optometry, Review of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmic Professional Magazines.

“Excellent ad. I actually did not know these were available and in less than 15 seconds I wanted to order them,” said one doctor about Tonosafe, which helps protect patients from disease.

“Eye catching,” said another, reaffirming the value of bold, fresh work that stands out – especially in medical where EVERYTHING is blue, or draped in white coats.

Show Me the ROI

Curious about how readership studies work? Publishers email readers and ask them to describe and rate ads based on criteria like stopping power, information and believability.

Sure, they aren’t purely objective (what is?), but they’re one of the best ways to measure the effectiveness of print work, hear direct feedback from customers, and see how it stacks up against the competition.

Ideopia’s hybrid marketing can stretch your budget even further and boost ROI by pairing print campaigns with digital and social media.

Learn more at our medical division website, Ideopia Medical Marketing.

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Ideopia Wins Medical Marketing Awards

Ideopia competed with more than 3,000 entrants to win two Gold and two Bronze Medals at the 2014 Aster Awards, which recognize creative accomplishments in medical marketing. And the winners are:

Reliance Medical Products (Mason, OH) — Gold for magazine “Legendary Campaign” for examination chairs

Eyefficient, Inc. (Cleveland Ohio) — Bronze for web and mobile sites.

Reichert Technologies (Buffalo, NY) — Gold for “Blink Blog” and email newsletter.

Reichert Technologies — Bronze for magazine “Animal Campaign”

We thank the Asters, the Academy, the Jamaican Bobsled team, and the great clients who work with us as true partners: Steve Juenger, vp of marketing and sales, Haag-Streit USA; and Mark Newkirk in his roles as Director of Global Marketing for Reichert Technologies; and more recently as CEO of Eyefficient, Inc.

See our Aster award winning entries on our WavyBrainy blog.

Learn more at our medical division website, Ideopia Medical Marketing.

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Ideopia Wins 2014 Aster Awards for Creative Medical Marketing

Ideopia, the Hybrid Agency, was awarded multiple Asters for advertising created for its clients in the medical industry. Ideopia won four awards for three separate clients, including print campaigns, blog and email marketing, and web development.

Ideopia received awards in the following categories:

  • Gold in the Magazine Category for its “Legendary Campaign” for Reliance Medical Products in Mason, Ohio.
  • Gold in the E-Newsletter Category for “Blink Blog” for Reichert Technologies in Buffalo, New York.
  • Bronze  in the Magazine Category for Reichert Technologies for its “Animal” campaign.
  • Bronze in the Website Category for Eyefficient, Inc. in Aurora, Ohio, for its website.

Click images to enlarge

“By working together, our creative team and our clients are able to craft exciting and innovative advertising,” said Bill Abramovitz, CEO and Creative Director of Ideopia. “It’s rewarding to see our work recognized by our peers in the industry.”

The Aster Awards is one of the largest national competitions of its kind and recognizes the most talented healthcare marketing professionals for outstanding excellence in advertising. The 2014 Aster Awards received over 3,000 entries from around the world.

Entries for each category are judged by a panel of design and healthcare marketing professionals on Creativity, Layout/Design, Typography, Production, Quality, and Overall Effectiveness. First, second and third-place winners receive Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.

About Ideopia

Founded in 1990 Ideopia, the Hybrid Agency, is an integrated marketing agency that partners with clients to achieve long-term goals through interactive marketing, web development, social media, public relations and advertising. Ideopia is headquartered in Cincinnati but lives in the cloud at

Learn more at our medical division website, Ideopia Medical Marketing.

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How One Advertising Agency is Making Pro Bono Pay

In October 2011, Ideopia fired its largest pro bono account. We felt relief, but it was not a happy day.

Our people were burned out, tasked to death, and buried with last minute projects. For three years, we had invested more than $450,000 of donated time into a single non-profit account.

After 20 years of helping non-profits with marketing, we decided to take a break from pro bono in 2012. We had to ask ourselves “Why are we doing this?”

To find answers, we reviewed relationships and results with successful pro bono clients, and those that were that duds.

Positive engagements included:

  • Establishing a $1,000,000 endowment for a non-profit that fights poverty through education.
  • Creating a for-profit building business to fund a non-profit organization, which guided low-income families along the path to home ownership.
  • Establishing reusable event marketing tools to sell sponsorships and tickets to a golf outing that benefits firemen.

The prickly engagements also shared some common themes:

  • No desire to deal with large, strategic issues, or planning
  • Leadership that panders to volunteers and boards
  • Voting on creative work by board members, volunteers and other non-marketing people
  • Major, last-minute changes in direction
  • Nitpicking copy until its devoid of all meaning

These clients achieved short-term gains, but the benefits evaporated after a single use.

To make our program healthy we decided on two objectives: 1) Create realistic pro bono budget. 2) Focus solely on engagements that would result in long-term change for the organization. And follow our rules of the road.

Here’s our blueprint:

Put it in writing

Create a corporate responsibility budget that’s a realistic percentage of revenues, 1-2%. Focus on broad sectors, e.g. healthcare and education that matter most to our staff. Control scope by documenting the services provided by the agency and what materials and approvals are needed from the client. Document the approval process, and be clear about the agency’s budget.

Know why we’re doing it

Provide training in planning and marketing that will have a long-term impacts. Give preference to projects that will yield tools and processes other organizations can reuse.

Vet the organization and its leadership

Is there a strong leader? Does the client truly need Ideopia, or would another agency or company better serve them? What’s the P&L look like? Does the CEO have the support of the board and volunteers, and the ability to make marketing decisions without the board?

Creative is non negotiable

We will listen and present options, but we’re in the business of bringing about change through creative communication. If we can’t agree on that, there’s not much to talk about.

Bill them

Some non-profit organizations don’t grasp the cost of marketing. We will change that by sending our pro bono clients bills that show hours and actual expenses. We will also ask for a $1 retainer per month that we’ll add to our charitable giving fund.

Make sure it matters

We want to make a difference. We want pro bono clients with big aspirations or knotty problems. Like developing new revenue streams, keeping kids in school, or curbing air pollution, and protecting animals. While you may covet a snazzy event invitation, fundamental big bang changes are the ones that make a new future.

Think bigger

Have you ever walked through a new business incubator? For profit businesses, especially startups, need help, too. An assignment for an alternative energy, medical, or educational startup might have a bigger impact than designing posters for the opera gala. Maybe we can design courseware for training non-profit managers online. Stay tuned. We’re still dreaming.

Quid pro quo

Reciprocity is a characteristic of most corporate responsibility programs. Sometimes the quid pro quo is rubbing elbows with the rich and famous, cocktail party invitations, networking opportunities, industry awards, brand burnishing, image repair, or employee involvement and retention. For Ideopia, it’s just the joy of making a difference. If you’ll let us.

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Ideopia Earns Healthcare Marketing Awards

Cincinnati, OH (May 3, 2012) — For the second year in a row, the Cincinnati-based creative branding agency Ideopia won honors for its healthcare advertising. The agency earned Gold Aster Awards in two categories: magazine advertising and mobile applications. The Gold Awards place Ideopia among the top 5% nationwide for advertising excellence, according to the Aster Award’s organization.

The winning magazine campaign on behalf of Reliance Medical Products leverages the company’s history of hand crafting its products in America. It calls on doctors to consider the U.S. economy when they make their purchasing decisions. Reliance has manufactured ophthalmic exam chairs and instrument stands in Ohio since 1898, sourcing most of the materials from vendors within 50-miles of its Mason, OH factory. Below the interactive portion of the campaign is also shown.

“Great advertising moves the meter,” said Ideopia’s Creative Director Bill Abramovitz. “Our marketing strategies for Reliance Medical have helped to fuel 21 consecutive years of double-digit growth for that organization.”

For New Jersey-based Topcon Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, Ideopia created a mobile app that qualifies prospects by guiding them through five simple questions. It was designed for use during sales calls and at medical conferences, where the cost of staffing a booth has made it imperative for sales teams to use their time effectively. The Qualifier App works on iPads and is also available through Topcon’s website.

“The app works because it’s good for doctors and for Topcon,” explained Abramovitz. “It lets doctors determine for themselves whether Topcon’s Synergy software is the right next step for their practice. It avoids the relationship misstep of pushing a product to a practice that does not have the infrastructure to get the most benefit from it.”

A panel of judges chose Ideopia’s work from approximately 3,000 entries. Ads were evaluated based on creativity, layout and design, functionality, message effectiveness, production quality and overall appeal. Ideopia and its ads will be featured in the magazine Marketing Healthcare Today.

About Ideopia
Founded in 1992 Ideopia Advertising and Interactive is an advertising, public relations, web design and social media agency that believes in branding without boundaries. With headquarters in Cincinnati, Ideopia lives in the cloud at

Learn more at our medical division website, Ideopia Medical Marketing.

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Ideopia wins Gold Asters for Healthcare Marketing

Banning medical images from its ads was a winning strategy for advertising agency Ideopia. The Cincinnati-based advertising and interactive agency took the top prize in three categories in a national competition evaluating healthcare advertising.

The award-winning LENSTAR® ad by Ideopia.

Its campaigns for Mercy Health Partners, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati and medical manufacturer Haag-Streit USA, beat 3,000 submissions to capture gold medals in the Aster Awards.

Agency co-founder Bill Abramovitz says ads have to grab attention to succeed.

“Your strategy could be brilliant, but the way you execute it must break through,” said Abramovitz. “Otherwise your marketing is nothing but very expensive wallpaper.”

He banned doctors from the agency’s campaigns after completing an unscientific survey of hospital billboards. The majority used photos of doctors, patients or medical equipment—regardless of which hospital they were promoting or where they were located.

Ideopia's billboard for Mercy Health Partners

His rules for healthcare marketers are similar to the advice he offers clients from other industries:

• Start with a brand differentiation that is valid today and will hold true in five years.

• Be honest about the validity of your brand—is it true and rooted in the basic values of your organization?

• Ensure that your message is meaningful to your target audience.

• Ask whether you can create a powerful communication based on your brand and marketing strategy.

Web Marketing for Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House Charities website by Ideopia

About Ideopia

Founded in 1992 Ideopia Advertising and Interactive is a spam chucking, cow patty annihilating, branding, public relations, web marketing, web design and social media agency that believes in branding with out boundaries. With headquarters in East Gate, Ideopia lives in the cloud at

Contact: Liz Vogel (office) 513-947-1444, ext. 18, (cell) 631-741-7700, email: [email protected]

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