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QR Codes: Cutting Through the Hype

Based on intel from the marketplace, the current mania about placing QR Codes on everything from toilet paper and advertising to highway billboards and bikini bottoms may indicate that everyone uses them. But that’s not the case. Mobile Marketing recently asked “if there was a place for QR codes in an SMS-dependent society.”

Consider the facts:

  • The U.S. leads the world in mobile barcode usage.
  • Last year the adoption rate increased 1% to 6%.
  • Just one in three consumers thought scanning a barcode was worth it.
  • And only one-third of consumers know how to activate their phone to scan a barcode.

So, should we bag QR codes? No way. They’re just too fun for driving participation in contests, coupons, surveys; and access to important content. The adoption rates are slow, but marketers can accelerate it by:

  • Not sending consumers to dud pages, e.g. Facebook or your home page.
  • Using calls to action, the biggest reason consumers scan QR codes, and attractive offers to spur consumers to action.
  • Staying aware of place and context. Sorry, but billboard where traffic is moving 65 mph doesn’t qualify.
  • Creating landing pages designed for viewing on a mobile phone.
  • QR codes definitely have a place in the marketing plan. But they shouldn’t be the marketing plan. Learn more about the psychology of QR Codes.

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