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See Like An Artist without Starving

For Fresh Ideas, Look Like an Artist

Maybe it’s more important if I look at an ordinary overcoat as I never
saw it before, then it becomes as fit a subject for painting as on of
Titians purple coat.

Ben Shahn

Nope, you don’t have to don a beret and live out of your car. We’re
talking about "seeing" like an artist, and turning what you see into
fresh ideas.

This starts by stopping the way we usually think. Our brains survive
the daily onslaught of information by simplifying and labeling what we
see. Grass is green. Brick is red. Sky is blue. Seeing creatively,
finding nuance, and making associations depends on shutting this
mechanism down. Practice by looking and observing. Watch the sun set
over a stand of pine trees. What might appear as bright green in full
sun turns to grey green with bark lined with deep purple edges. Can you
look at your problem or your product as you’ve never seen it before?
Describe its temperature, texture, shape, and sound. When you see
clearly, you can create.

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