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Consumers Turn to Social Media for Blazing Fast Support

Customer service has leapt from phone and email to responding to the disgruntled or confused on social media.

Customers in the traditional support model expect a response within 24 hours. On social media, however, they expect answers at light speed. According to The Social Habit Study, however, 32 percent of people who contacted a brand, product or company through social media for support expected a response within 30 minutes; and 42 percent expected a response within one hour. Keep in mind, you’re also playing to others on a social media feed who evaluate how you treat customers, and use this information in a buying decision.

Large companies like KLM, Walmart, CNN and Xbox lead the industry with exemplary customer service response times.

These companies also lead the social media customer service craze because they’re proactive. Their customer service support teams search for opportunities to answer questions or solve potential customers’ pain points using keyword monitoring tools, like Mention.com and Hootsuite.

Your social media marketing strategy should put standard status updates and uniform ad blasts to shame. Don’t worry, we can help. Call Susan Abramovitz at 513-947-1444 ext. 10.

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Signs of Disease found on Website

Great brands have depth. It’s not just the packaging, it’s the organization and the ethos of its leaders. So it goes with big brand probems, e.g. customer service at Mercy Healthplex that I mentioned in my previous post. Yesterday, I visited the club’s website, so I could send them a courtesy copy of my post. But, I couldn’t find the name or email of a single manager or employee; the site doesn’t have a contact form. The only method of contact appears to be one general phone number. Is it just me, or do they want to avoid hearing from their members?

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