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Custom Emoji’s Add Depth to Brands

You know what emoji’s are : They’re the  little, sometimes annoying smiley faces used to punctuate email and social media posts. Their purpose is to clarify the tone of what’s said or to  extend it’s meaning. We believe that custom emoji’s or a set of custom emoji’s will serve a similar purpose for brands.

Logos anchor brand identity over long-spans of time, while custom emoji’s might come and go. A simple example would be a green brand using a tree to along with its logo symbolize environmental consciousness . We’re excited about the  possibilities. So take a look at a giant version of Ideopia’s emoji and see what you think. Quick translation: eye represents our singular vision of creativity, the clouds are ideas while the many hands reflect our hybrid approach. Tell us  what you think? Have tried anything similar? Feel free to post.

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Home Page Redesign of B2B Website

Our home page redesign project for HamiltonCaster.com was, in may ways, more challenging than revamping an entire site.

While the old site looks dated, it ranked exceptionally well on major search engines. To avoid mucking this up, we analyzed the site structure, website analytics and researched competitive sites.

Hamilton Caster is an international manufacturer of casters, wheels and trucks with customers ranging from Mercedes Benz to the NFL.

Web strategyHome Page as Marketing Weapon

Web visitors take about 3 seconds to decide if they’ll remain at your site. Impact, speed and a meaningful message are critical. With Hamilton, we wanted visitors to rethink the importance of caster selection by showing the heavy duty customers that specified them.
flexible web design
Expandable Sites Stretch Your Investment

The web design of the new home page features 5 target industries. The setup expands to add new industries or swap out additional executions. Aspects of the design have already been applied to the interior of the site, which is now ready for additional development.

Design informed by Web Analytics

Our team used web analytics information to identify popular pages on the site, important landing pages other then the home page, navigation paths and search engine performance.

Testing Design for Roadworthiness

While aspects of design are subjective, usability is not. With Hamilton Caster, we tested our work from paper prototypes through final design and programming to ensure users could find critical navigation to find their way through a large site. Testing at each step saves time and money on rework at later stages.

Dig Into Interactive at Ideopia

Ideopia not only designs, builds and maintains websites, we create the fabric of digital and off-line marketing that keeps them healthy: fresh content, tech checks, SEO, blogs, social media,
and email marketing.

To see work Ideopia has created for manufacturers and other B2B categories, please visit our B2B case studies.

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