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Dr. SEM: Cures for Sick Search Campaigns

Is your search engine marketing a financial black hole that rarely coughs up a lead. Try a dose of medicine from Dr. SEM.

  • Eliminate keywords that generate clicks but not conversions.
  • You are tracking conversions, right? If not, have your developer insert it on key pages.
  • Make your ad keywords more specific. Try “Italian food Charolotte” instead of “Italian food.”
  • Use the keyword or phrase in the ad, so it is highlighted in the search results.
  • Find new keywords. Ask customers how they would search for your company. Look at your competitor’s code and reverse-engineer their keyword strategies.
  • Use Google’s keyword tool to generate new keyword ideas and generate traffic.
  • Check the bounce rate on your landing page. If it’s high, the page isn’t matching the expectations set by the ad. Change the landing page, or recast the ad.
  • Use geo-targeting to narrow the area in which your ads show. They’ll get higher positions, and you’ll stop getting carryout orders from Norway.
  • Evaluate your cost-per-sale and ROI. Maybe, just maybe, you should spend more.
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