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Why You Are A Spammer

SPAM is pervasive and nasty. What you might not know is that you’re part of the problem.

If you use the Internet you will get spam. And it will deal with some
bodily function, refinancing hoax, or non-existent company you’d rather
not think about.

But maybe, we should think about SPAM and learn something from it.
After all, it has the same knack for survival as roaches. It’s
irritating as hell, but every now and then you open one. Don’t you?

The main reasons people open email is:
1)    It comes from a trusted sender
2)    It’s expected
3)    There’s a provocative reason to open it.

Subject Line Product/Service
Kiwi hemisphere Art4Love
Hi Viagra/Cialis
Be an expert next Friday! Business Newspaper
bloodshed Villanueva China Mobility Solutions
washer rear end Trimax Corporation
It’s time to refill Kevin Erectile dysfunction

SPAM has none of these qualities except the “good stuff” has a way of picking at us. For example, the subject lines I collected during the past week grabbed me for one reason or another. “Kiwi hemisphere” is oddly poetic. “Be an expert next Friday,” well that’s pure vanity. “Bloodshed in Villanueva” sounds like a CNN alert; and “washer rear end” is just funny; and Kevin is the name of my stepson.

What we have is accidental targeting, which works for the Spammers due to sheer volume. It’s crude, but it works; it also alienates just about everyone who receives it.

I think we should extend the definition of SPAM to include poorly targeted media placements, messages that are out of synch with the medium or programming, and claims made about a product or service that aren’t fulfilled to the consumer’s expectations.

A great example is a snooty ad I saw in a recent copy of ESPN News for an upscale luxury automobile. While ESPN targets enough upscale readers to justify the buy, the ad is turnoff in fast-paced, locker room, crunch and punch attitude of the magazine. The result? Waste, and maybe even contempt toward the brand for being so out of step.

SPAM isn’t just in your mailbox. It’s something we all have to fight by narrowing our focus and increasing the relevance of our messages. Do otherwise, and your booty will be right in the trash.

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