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Easy Green: EyeChat Blog Now 100% Wind Powered

2We recently transferred our Eyechat Blog for the ophthalmic market to FatCow.com, a 100% wind powered web-hosting outfit. The point is that making green decisions is becoming much easier now that business and environmental interests are converging. Consumers are more educated about the environment than ever before. Greenness is not only a preference, but also an expectation. A study by the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario shows that consumers would be willing to pay at least a 10% premium for sustainable products.

Eco-Friendly Web Hosting Companies
Cheap Hosting Choice
Ecological Hosting (U.K.)
Super Green Hosting

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Home Recycling

Second Chance,
based in Maryland, Baltimore and Washington, is a recycling operation
that rescues fixtures and materials from homes and buildings on the
verge of demolition. Second Chance focuses on older buildings with
their stained glass and finally wrought materials that can be resued or repurposed into other objects.. But why shouldn’t we
apply these same principals to automobiles, appliances and newer homes.

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