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Ideopia Earns Healthcare Marketing Awards

Cincinnati, OH (May 3, 2012) — For the second year in a row, the Cincinnati-based creative branding agency Ideopia won honors for its healthcare advertising. The agency earned Gold Aster Awards in two categories: magazine advertising and mobile applications. The Gold Awards place Ideopia among the top 5% nationwide for advertising excellence, according to the Aster Award’s organization.

The winning magazine campaign on behalf of Reliance Medical Products leverages the company’s history of hand crafting its products in America. It calls on doctors to consider the U.S. economy when they make their purchasing decisions. Reliance has manufactured ophthalmic exam chairs and instrument stands in Ohio since 1898, sourcing most of the materials from vendors within 50-miles of its Mason, OH factory. Below the interactive portion of the campaign is also shown.

“Great advertising moves the meter,” said Ideopia’s Creative Director Bill Abramovitz. “Our marketing strategies for Reliance Medical have helped to fuel 21 consecutive years of double-digit growth for that organization.”

For New Jersey-based Topcon Medical Systems, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi, Ideopia created a mobile app that qualifies prospects by guiding them through five simple questions. It was designed for use during sales calls and at medical conferences, where the cost of staffing a booth has made it imperative for sales teams to use their time effectively. The Qualifier App works on iPads and is also available through Topcon’s website.

“The app works because it’s good for doctors and for Topcon,” explained Abramovitz. “It lets doctors determine for themselves whether Topcon’s Synergy software is the right next step for their practice. It avoids the relationship misstep of pushing a product to a practice that does not have the infrastructure to get the most benefit from it.”

A panel of judges chose Ideopia’s work from approximately 3,000 entries. Ads were evaluated based on creativity, layout and design, functionality, message effectiveness, production quality and overall appeal. Ideopia and its ads will be featured in the magazine Marketing Healthcare Today.

About Ideopia
Founded in 1992 Ideopia Advertising and Interactive is an advertising, public relations, web design and social media agency that believes in branding without boundaries. With headquarters in Cincinnati, Ideopia lives in the cloud at www.ideopia.com.

Learn more at our medical division website, Ideopia Medical Marketing.

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Ideopia wins Gold Asters for Healthcare Marketing

Banning medical images from its ads was a winning strategy for advertising agency Ideopia. The Cincinnati-based advertising and interactive agency took the top prize in three categories in a national competition evaluating healthcare advertising.

The award-winning LENSTAR® ad by Ideopia.

Its campaigns for Mercy Health Partners, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati and medical manufacturer Haag-Streit USA, beat 3,000 submissions to capture gold medals in the Aster Awards.

Agency co-founder Bill Abramovitz says ads have to grab attention to succeed.

“Your strategy could be brilliant, but the way you execute it must break through,” said Abramovitz. “Otherwise your marketing is nothing but very expensive wallpaper.”

He banned doctors from the agency’s campaigns after completing an unscientific survey of hospital billboards. The majority used photos of doctors, patients or medical equipment—regardless of which hospital they were promoting or where they were located.

Ideopia's billboard for Mercy Health Partners

His rules for healthcare marketers are similar to the advice he offers clients from other industries:

• Start with a brand differentiation that is valid today and will hold true in five years.

• Be honest about the validity of your brand—is it true and rooted in the basic values of your organization?

• Ensure that your message is meaningful to your target audience.

• Ask whether you can create a powerful communication based on your brand and marketing strategy.

Web Marketing for Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House Charities website by Ideopia

About Ideopia

Founded in 1992 Ideopia Advertising and Interactive is a spam chucking, cow patty annihilating, branding, public relations, web marketing, web design and social media agency that believes in branding with out boundaries. With headquarters in East Gate, Ideopia lives in the cloud at www.ideopia.com.

Contact: Liz Vogel (office) 513-947-1444, ext. 18, (cell) 631-741-7700, email: [email protected]

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