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Ideopia wins Gold Asters for Healthcare Marketing

Banning medical images from its ads was a winning strategy for advertising agency Ideopia. The Cincinnati-based advertising and interactive agency took the top prize in three categories in a national competition evaluating healthcare advertising.

The award-winning LENSTAR® ad by Ideopia.

Its campaigns for Mercy Health Partners, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Cincinnati and medical manufacturer Haag-Streit USA, beat 3,000 submissions to capture gold medals in the Aster Awards.

Agency co-founder Bill Abramovitz says ads have to grab attention to succeed.

“Your strategy could be brilliant, but the way you execute it must break through,” said Abramovitz. “Otherwise your marketing is nothing but very expensive wallpaper.”

He banned doctors from the agency’s campaigns after completing an unscientific survey of hospital billboards. The majority used photos of doctors, patients or medical equipment—regardless of which hospital they were promoting or where they were located.

Ideopia's billboard for Mercy Health Partners

His rules for healthcare marketers are similar to the advice he offers clients from other industries:

• Start with a brand differentiation that is valid today and will hold true in five years.

• Be honest about the validity of your brand—is it true and rooted in the basic values of your organization?

• Ensure that your message is meaningful to your target audience.

• Ask whether you can create a powerful communication based on your brand and marketing strategy.

Web Marketing for Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ronald McDonald House Charities website by Ideopia

About Ideopia

Founded in 1992 Ideopia Advertising and Interactive is a spam chucking, cow patty annihilating, branding, public relations, web marketing, web design and social media agency that believes in branding with out boundaries. With headquarters in East Gate, Ideopia lives in the cloud at www.ideopia.com.

Contact: Liz Vogel (office) 513-947-1444, ext. 18, (cell) 631-741-7700, email: [email protected]

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Brand Brainwashing with Web Contest.

Promotions and contests can stimulate short-term sales. They’re also a powerful tool for educating consumers about a brand, even the stuff that doesn’t seem so sexy on the surface, and gathering valuable information. A recent web promotion Ideopia created for Reliance Medical Products presented an entertaining quiz that educated prospects about the benefits of dealing with an American Manufacturer. In addition to driving engagement on an important brand value, visitors were required to answer questions before entering the quiz. Just the kind of stuff that you might use for customizing email… who knows? Let us know if you would like a tour of this project.

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Sasquatch Wine Brand Myth Hits Sour Note

Would you buy a bottle of wine from this hairy humanoid?
Would you buy a bottle of wine from this hairy humanoid?

I admit it. I am a Neanderthal when it comes to wine. I like my vino cheap, and I make my decisions based on cool graphics and interesting names more than woodsy aftertaste. This is how I came in possession of a 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon ($4.99) from Sasquatch Cellars. Afterall, who better to be an expert vintner than a large, hairy humanoid.

Brand myths, like Sasquatch, can differentiate products in a commodity market. Add a clever back story, which Sasquatch Wine Cellars takes a shot at, can capture a loyal and profitable cult following. Presumably the tin foil hat crowd in Sasquatch’s case. Here’s the upshot: when you uncork your Cabernet for a romantic evening, it cannot smell and taste like benzene. It doesn’t matter how sturdy and robust the marketing is if the product stinks.

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Brand Your Web Fonts Without Images

Fonts on the web are probably one of the biggest frustrations for web designers, who want to extend branding from other forms of communication to the web. You have two options: 1) Choose from a handful of rather boring overused fonts, or 2) turn your text into an image, which makes it invisible to search engine.

Mike Davidson, founder and CEO of Newsvine, created Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR) to tackle this exact dilemma. sIFR uses javascript to convert that drab old web font into any font you wish. What’s unique about this process is that the HTML is untouched, so search engines aren’t affected.

sIFR fares well across various browsers, too. Since it’s Javascript driven that’s all that is required for it to work properly. If Javascript is disabled, the text just reverts back to the web font default. Slick eh? To find out more visit sIFR ‘s home page .

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Find a Buying Trigger and Pull It

Last week, a certain Ideopian had a minor fender bender, which left a golf-ball size crater in her bumper. Three days later, a pile of mail arrives, including 8 letters from personal injury attorneys and 3 chiropractors, all triggered by the filing of a police report. Triggers work because they allow you to present tailored communication at the exact time your prospect wants it. Smart marketers are always looking for them. For example, high pollen counts trigger radio ads for allergy remedies, and weddings trigger campaigns for housewares. Every product or service has a trigger.

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Ideopia receives award for innovative business practices.

At a luncheon meeting on Friday, February 6, The Clermont Chamber of Commerce, Ohio, recognized Ideopia with its 2009 Innovative Business Practices Award for businesses under 50 employees.

The award noted Ideopia’s commitment to creative advertising, marketing solutions that deliver results for its clients, innovative new services, and a family friendly workplace. See complete release and awards video produced by the Chamber

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Grow Your Business During a Recession

The recession, economic downturn, or however you choose to spin it is a natural part of the economic cycle. It’s also a golden opportunities for marketers to build brand awareness and sales, both short and long-term; take advantage of media deals; and to outmarket more timid competitors. Our first Slightly Soiled White Paper by Ideopia CEO, Bill Abramovitz, explains why.

in PDF format.

Comments and ideas about the topic are most welcome!

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Signs of Disease found on Website

Great brands have depth. It’s not just the packaging, it’s the organization and the ethos of its leaders. So it goes with big brand probems, e.g. customer service at Mercy Healthplex that I mentioned in my previous post. Yesterday, I visited the club’s website, so I could send them a courtesy copy of my post. But, I couldn’t find the name or email of a single manager or employee; the site doesn’t have a contact form. The only method of contact appears to be one general phone number. Is it just me, or do they want to avoid hearing from their members?

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See Like An Artist without Starving

For Fresh Ideas, Look Like an Artist

Maybe it’s more important if I look at an ordinary overcoat as I never
saw it before, then it becomes as fit a subject for painting as on of
Titians purple coat.

Ben Shahn

Nope, you don’t have to don a beret and live out of your car. We’re
talking about "seeing" like an artist, and turning what you see into
fresh ideas.

This starts by stopping the way we usually think. Our brains survive
the daily onslaught of information by simplifying and labeling what we
see. Grass is green. Brick is red. Sky is blue. Seeing creatively,
finding nuance, and making associations depends on shutting this
mechanism down. Practice by looking and observing. Watch the sun set
over a stand of pine trees. What might appear as bright green in full
sun turns to grey green with bark lined with deep purple edges. Can you
look at your problem or your product as you’ve never seen it before?
Describe its temperature, texture, shape, and sound. When you see
clearly, you can create.

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