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Choose Your Marketing Weapons Carefully – Infographic

This infographic is like a mini-marketing plan. Pick your goals, e.g. brand awareness, brand loyalty or sales, and it will help you choose the marketing tactics to achieve it.  We know strategies vary from industry to industry, so think of this as something meaty to add to your advertising soup. Or use it as a check list to make sure you haven’t left out an important ingredient.

Download PDF of Marketing Weapon Selector

Mini marketing plan infographic

Download PDF of Marketing Weapon Selector

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Troubleshoot Email Marketing with Infographic

We all have that “where do you start” feeling when trying to diagnose response problems with email campaigns or landing pages. There are so many variables! We designed this

checkup infographic to help you ask the right questions in the right order.

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Infographics Make Sense of a Complicated World

Infographic created by CNN for President Obama's March 24, 2009 press conference

Infographics, contrary to urban legend, were not invented by USA Today. One of the most famous infographics created by Charle’s Minard in 1885 depicts the failure and eventual retreat of Napolean’s army in Russia by correlating time, temperature, and mortality rates. (For stunning contemporary examples, visit visualcomplexity.com) Infographics allow us to visualize hundreds and even hundreds of thousand of data points, so we can see patterns, extract information and make decisions. Cloud navigation found on many blogs and websites shows key words that represent content. In turn the size of the word may communicate popularity or the amount of underlying content. This allows us to understand very quickly what a site is about without a single click of the mouse. Aside from keeping innovative designers off the dole for the near future, infographics are a survival mechanism that keeps us from drowning in a sea of data. Use them!

1. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward R. Tufte