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Marketing to Teens? Try These Website Tactics.

You would expect the smartphone generation to navigate the web effortlessly. But, a new study released by Nielsen Norman shows that teens (13-17) might be more confident than capable of using the Internet.

One of the biggest differences between adults and teens was the ability to complete tasks given by the researchers. e.g. buying a sweater in an e-store. Surprisingly, adults were 14 percent more successful at completing their assignments.

So what’s going on? Jakob Nielsen notes that teens have “insufficient reading skill, less sophisticated research strategies, and dramatically lower levels of patience.”

It’s also possible that old people (25-35) build many teen targeted websites and serve up one-size fits all web experiences.

How to Repel a Teen from Your Website

Call a teen a kid, and you can kiss that sale goodbye. Teens resent being lumped in with kids. So watch your language and title on
your navigation.

Slow loading graphics or widgets repel teens. Most of them use secondhand equipment with slower computing speeds and Internet connections. Remember, this is an impatient audience.

Getting personal. Teens value their privacy. They’re very suspicious of any attempt to shake loose personal information. So don’t ask!

Are you targeting teens on the web? We highly recommend reading the entire overview report on the Nielsen Norman web site.

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