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Ideopia Wins 2014 Aster Awards for Creative Medical Marketing

Ideopia, the Hybrid Agency, was awarded multiple Asters for advertising created for its clients in the medical industry. Ideopia won four awards for three separate clients, including print campaigns, blog and email marketing, and web development.

Ideopia received awards in the following categories:

  • Gold in the Magazine Category for its “Legendary Campaign” for Reliance Medical Products in Mason, Ohio.
  • Gold in the E-Newsletter Category for “Blink Blog” for Reichert Technologies in Buffalo, New York.
  • Bronze  in the Magazine Category for Reichert Technologies for its “Animal” campaign.
  • Bronze in the Website Category for Eyefficient, Inc. in Aurora, Ohio, for its website.

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“By working together, our creative team and our clients are able to craft exciting and innovative advertising,” said Bill Abramovitz, CEO and Creative Director of Ideopia. “It’s rewarding to see our work recognized by our peers in the industry.”

The Aster Awards is one of the largest national competitions of its kind and recognizes the most talented healthcare marketing professionals for outstanding excellence in advertising. The 2014 Aster Awards received over 3,000 entries from around the world.

Entries for each category are judged by a panel of design and healthcare marketing professionals on Creativity, Layout/Design, Typography, Production, Quality, and Overall Effectiveness. First, second and third-place winners receive Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.

About Ideopia

Founded in 1990 Ideopia, the Hybrid Agency, is an integrated marketing agency that partners with clients to achieve long-term goals through interactive marketing, web development, social media, public relations and advertising. Ideopia is headquartered in Cincinnati but lives in the cloud at ideopia.com.

Learn more at our medical division website, Ideopia Medical Marketing.

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Awards – What Really Matters.

The awards scene in the advertising industry gets more idiotic by the minute. Consider this quote from an email I received from “Creativity” magazine, an offshoot of Crain’s “Advertising Age.”

If you think of business in terms of sales, then money is the way to go about keeping score. But if you’re in the business of creativity, it’s all about the awards.

No, this isn’t a pathetic call for entries for their own awards competition, it’s a pitch to buy a $70 directory that tracks which agencies have won which awards.

The inanity of the offer is only trumped by the cynicism of a publication that believes the professionals they serve only care about bagging trophies.

Let’s be clear. With few exceptions, awards shows are not about recognizing talented creatives; they’re about raking in entry fees. And, if you happen to be an agency that regards award-getting as a business strategy, you can wrack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in entry fees for a one-pound piece of Lucite that will gather death spores in your lobby.

There are still worthwhile shows, like the Kelly Awards, One Show and Cannes, and a few that reward – horrors – marketing effectiveness. But for every one of these there are dozens of vanity shows. And to what end? How valuable is an award that you must pay to receive?

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