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Brand Your Web Fonts Without Images

Fonts on the web are probably one of the biggest frustrations for web designers, who want to extend branding from other forms of communication to the web. You have two options: 1) Choose from a handful of rather boring overused fonts, or 2) turn your text into an image, which makes it invisible to search engine.

Mike Davidson, founder and CEO of Newsvine, created Scalable Inman Flash Replacement (sIFR) to tackle this exact dilemma. sIFR uses javascript to convert that drab old web font into any font you wish. What’s unique about this process is that the HTML is untouched, so search engines aren’t affected.

sIFR fares well across various browsers, too. Since it’s Javascript driven that’s all that is required for it to work properly. If Javascript is disabled, the text just reverts back to the web font default. Slick eh? To find out more visit sIFR ‘s home page .

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