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Content Marketing to 20-Something Media Hogs

Young consumers are gobbling up media faster than ever and, as marketers, it’s our job to constantly feed the beast. According to a recent study in Advertising Age, millennials swap media devices roughly 27 times an hour, which means there’s never been a clearer call for fresh brand-driven content.

So what exactly is content? It’s a pretty broad term that encompasses social media updates, blog posts, newsletter stories, print articles, YouTube videos and any piece of communication for your target market. Content isn’t about hard selling. It’s about building and maintaining brand loyalty.

With that in mind, here’s what you need to know:

  • Content breeds consumer engagement. When you send out an email, update Facebook or make a new blog post, you build credibility. It shows you know what’s going on in your industry and you’re in touch with your audience. More importantly, it keeps your brand at the forefront of their daily lives.
  • Each platform demands a unique approach. Facebook content is more casual in nature. Twitter is quick and conversational. Blog posts are detailed, informative articles. And your visitors love to share tailored content, which is also more likely to go viral.
  • Good content sells without selling. Sometimes described as corporate journalism, it has the power to persuade consumers to buy without a hard pitch. If your company sells drills, try a newsletter story about how your tools helped build a fancy new skyscraper.
  • It makes your brand portable. When you consistently create new content, you’re ready to quickly adapt to the next big media trend. Whether it’s a new Facebook or super-sized Pinterest, you already have content ready to feed it.
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Millennials Get a New Name. Who Cares?

You know them as millennials, or maybe Generation Y, or the Facebook Generation. But forget those names. Tech-crazed Americans aged 18-34 are now known as Generation C, according to the Nielsen Company.

The “C” stands for connected because millenials they’re hooked up to the latest technology more than any other generation. But, let’s be honest, the moniker doesn’t matter much. It’s how they consume media that has marketers salivating. Here are the facts from Nielsen:

  • They comprise 27 percent of all visitors to social-networking sites and blogs.
  • They own 33 percent of all tablets in the U.S.
  • The use 39 percent of all smartphones in America.

With that in mind, here’s a blog post on how to market to millennials, Generation C, or whatever you prefer.

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