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“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” are the words people whose ideas and
lifeblood have been ripped off by lazy, no-talent hacks. Carl, Dave, and LC, you
know who you are. We’re coming after you. We’re bringing on the heat, because the
most valuable commodity in the marketplace is intellectual capital and ideas. That’s
our business.

We know who you are,
and we’re coming to get

The copyright protections offered to creators of work under the law are an important
reason the U.S. has flourished as the mother of invention. Other nations, e.g. China
and Russia, don’t share our values about copyright. And they help themselves to our
technology, medicines, computer chips, black market videos, and even automobiles.
They’re hurting us.

Racketeering of that scale is beyond the control of most of us. But, you don’t have
to sit down and take it, either. Be vigilant. Monitor the Internet, blogs, airwaves
and publications. Act swiftly. Notify competitors’ ISPs of copyright violations.
When someone steals your advertising ideas, or an entire portfolio for that matter,
they’re stealing your brand and your daily bread.

Ask your attorney about how you can fight back. You might also visit Jonathan
Bailey’s blog, plagiarismtoday.com.

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