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Does Your Brand Smell Good Enough?

We first learned about the power of scent marketing from a savvy homebuilder client that baked fresh cookies and pies in all its model homes. The delicious aromas created a cozy, inviting environment that stirred the positive emotions of home.

The strong tug of scent is rooted in our olfactory smelling apparatus being hard wired to the amygdala and hippocampus, parts of the brain responsible for emotion and mood. This deep connection may explain why scents increase brand recall.

Scents create instantaneous and powerful associations. For instance, a whiff of the ocean might spark a connection with a happy walk on the beach. Or, a hint of lemon might make an office space feel clean and organized. Hardcore marketers treat scent as a brand component on equal footing with logos, color, music and texture.

Scents are distributed by vaporizing them, and pumping them through ventilation systems of office buildings and retail stores.

If you’re a business-to-business company, don’t count yourself out. There’s nothing like a hint of jasmine to sell any machine that pulverizes, crushes or generates huge voltages. Give us a call!

For more information, visit The Scent Marketing Institute.

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