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Boost Twitter Engagement in 10 Curious Ways

Are you furiously tweeting but not seeing the same interaction that your competitors are? With a few not-so-obvious tweaks, you can increase your Twitter engagement rate and follower count. Here’s how:

  1. Ask for RTs (retweets). Less than one percent of brands do this, despite evidence that it works. Ask your followers to retweet your content for a spike in engagement. Just don’t overdo it, or risk alienating your followers.
  2. Don’t use semicolons. Could a punctuation mark cause someone to ignore your tweet? Research says yes. Tweets with semicolons produce the least interaction. Instead, use periods and colons for higher engagement. Introduce links and calls to action with colons, and write short and snappy fragments with periods.
  3. Make it personal. The most retweeted word? “You.” Speak directly to your followers and invite them into the discussion. As Don Draper of “Mad Men” says, “If you don’t like what’s being said, change the conversation.”
  4. Write less than 100 characters. You could write 140 characters, but you don’t have to. Opt for shorter tweets that have a 17 percent higher engagement rate than longwinded ones.
  5. Use hashtags. Tweets with one or two relevant hashtags can increase engagement by a whopping 100 percent. By tagging your tweets, anyone who searches on that topic will see your post. Conversely, don’t use too many. Excessive hashtags can trigger spam alerts, and dilute your message.
  6. Tweet more. Follower count is directly proportional to tweet frequency. Tweet about 3-4 times per day to gain followers. But remember: Tweet frequency and engagement have an inverse relationship. So schedule tweets throughout the day based on which times perform best in your industry. Just don’t go into a tweet frenzy and expect interaction for every post.
  7. Name drop. If you have an opportunity to mention a follower, or perhaps a business partner, go for it. Mentions increase the chance someone will follow you or interact with your brand.
  8. Don’t ignore weekends. Tweet on Saturday and Sunday for a 17 percent spike in engagement. Don’t feel like working on your days off? Schedule weekend tweets during the week, and let them work for you.
  9. Tweet during “open” hours. Post between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. for a 30 percent gain in engagement. Of course, these hours can vary by industry, but these are the safest times to tweet.
  10. Write juicy copy, or else. The secret to increasing tweet click-thru rates by 73 percent? Solid writing. Give readers an intriguing nugget, and a reason to share or engage with your content. This example from one of our clients sparked a lengthy discussion, resulting in huge exposure for the brand.

Try these tips and get your Twitter feed hopping. Looking for more resources to ignite your brand’s social media? See an example of a terrible tweet, and how to create content marketing that attracts customers.

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