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Naked HTML: Straight Talk About Web Banners

Despite the contradictory research about web banners, Ideopia remains keen on the medium, especially as a very efficient alternative as budgets get squeezed in 2009. Guidance varies widely depending on the source. Usability experts performing eye-tracking studies contend web banners are rarely read. High-end ad networks like Collective Media tell quite a different story. No single study has accounted for the incredible number of variables, which range from quality of the web site, trigger factors like geography, key words, retargeted, and, most importantly, the ability of the creative to capture the attention and deliver the most qualified prospect.

So what’s a marketer to do?

  1. Forget about cost-per-thousand and branding. Zero in on cost per sale, cost per lead, or whatever your ROI metric is.
  2. After you determine an acceptable ROI, run a low-cost test of your campaign.
  3. Buy sites and ad networks that offer high quality, engaging content.

Make sure your creative grabs attention, and has relevance to the web page on which it appears.

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