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BP Hijacks Adwords to Fight Oily Mess

Can throwing big bucks at search engine marketing smooth over a corporate crisis? BP thinks so. A quick “oil spill” search puts the embattled oil giant’s tailored messages above organic search results on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

BP’s PR strategy for the bad press is no shocker. One study showed that nearly 30 percent of people will click a sponsored link before genuine search results.

Google’s AdWords program lets companies purchase sponsored links that appear above normal search results depending on the company’s budget.

Terms that also trigger BP’s response website include “oil spill claims,” “oil spill disaster” and “oil spill cleanup.” BP may be paying $10,000 daily to stay at the top of search results, according to ABC News.

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Signs of Disease found on Website

Great brands have depth. It’s not just the packaging, it’s the organization and the ethos of its leaders. So it goes with big brand probems, e.g. customer service at Mercy Healthplex that I mentioned in my previous post. Yesterday, I visited the club’s website, so I could send them a courtesy copy of my post. But, I couldn’t find the name or email of a single manager or employee; the site doesn’t have a contact form. The only method of contact appears to be one general phone number. Is it just me, or do they want to avoid hearing from their members?

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