Mercy Hospitals

Exit for Healthcare

Fast access to medical care can mean life or death. So it helps to know where to find it. Cincinnati, OH.

Mercy Hospitals

Medical Specialties

Know those campaigns where a wizened surgeon gives you a reassuring look? This isn’t one of them. Cincinnati, OH.

Towne Properties

Luxury Apartments

Busboards for luxury apartments taunt downtowners headed back to the burbs to reseal their decks. Cincinnati, OH.

University of Cincinnati

Evening College

Aimed at non-traditional students, this campaign boosted enrollment by 18%. Also criticized by Chaucer studies department for linking education to financial success. The gall!


Eyecare and Eye fashion

When your nose job cost thousands of dollars, you don’t want to put cheapo sunglasses on it. Blacksburg, VA.

Cincinnati Business Courier

Anxious Cows

The whole Courier campaign had cows and the competitors running for the hills.