Personal Information

From time to time, various pages on this site will request personal information, e.g. to subscribe to Ideopia’s enewsletter.

All personal information is gathered with your specific (opt-in) permission. Our opt-out procedures are simple and fast, and require at most two mouse clicks. Under no circumstances will information gathered on this site be shared, traded or sold to any other company or organization. It is for the sole use of Ideopia, Inc.

Marketing Automation

Avure uses marketing automation to identify site visitors and deliver the most relevant version of the site possible. To achieve this goal. we may collect certain personally identifiable data in the following circumstances.

  • Personal information to contact and establish communication.
  • Downloads of white papers or articles throughout the site
  • Account service and response to questions
  • The management of Avure's monthly e-newsletter
  • Compiling and aggregating statistics and analyses about users' use of the Website, products and services, which statistics are used to enable us to provide better service and products to you and others in the future.

Information we may collect

  • Names
  • Physical addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • E-mail addresses
  • Information regarding your business (e.g., business name, applicaton interests, etc.)
  • Information regarding your business needs and all other personally identifiable information you affirmatively provide to us.

Failing to provide required information may prevent you from completing certain transactions, but it will not affect your ability to navigate the site.


This site uses cookie technology. Cookies are not programs. They are short text files stored on your computer and interpreted by our site when you visit. Sometimes we use cookies to hide content you have chosen not to see on a previous visit, save your scores to a game, or information used to fill out a form. Cookies are not a pre-requisite for our site to work properly. If you choose not to receive cookies, please turn them off in your browser preferences.

Web Analytics and Statistics

General statistics about this site are tracked on a regular basis. This is done to determine, as an aggregate, which pages on our site are popular, and which ones need some help. We use this information to continually improve the site and its content, but not to monitor the actions of a specific individual.

Questions and Comments

Please email any comments or suggestions you may have concerning Ideopia’s privacy policy, please email Bill Abramovitz, or call 513-947-1444 ext. 10