More Leads Faster with Content Marketing

What We Do

  • Design blogs
  • Produce videos
  • Write blog posts and whitepapers
  • Ghost write white papers
  • Create info graphics
  • Landing Pages
72% of marketers think that branded content is more effective than magazine ads.

Cold calling doesn't make friends and influence people anymore. Fortunately, there's a powerful alternative: content marketing.

Content marketing helps your company build awareness with prospects before they start shopping. With 90 percent of most sales starting online, companies cannot afford to skip on engaging their customers online.

We make it happen with blog posts, whitepapers, videos, and training opportunities that help your prospects learn about you and your products.

How Content Marketing Drives Sales

  1. It increases close rates by 60% more than traditional methods.
  2. It drives targeted traffic to your site that's more qualified to buy than other sources.
  3. The lead nurturing increases value by repackaging and reusing valuable content like blog posts, video and Facebook items across multiple channels.
  4. Content creation costs can be amortized over your social media outlets and public relations.
  5. The additional traffic combined with fresh content will make your site more important to search engines and to customers.

As our media and target markets fragment more everyday, content marketing provides a magnet to attract prospects to your site. It's highly effective for securing leads, building search rankings, and driving traffic to your blog, website, and landing pages.