Email Marketing: Hit them in the Inbox.

What We Do

  • Copy, design, coding
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83% who receive email marketing spend 43% more when shopping.

There are currently around 3.31 billion email accounts in use. Which makes email marketing one of the most powerful tools for customer communication, driving website traffic, and direct sales through ecommerce.

We say email marketing, but many people hear SPAM. SPAM is illegal and targets individuals who haven't opted-in, or given permission for the use of their email address.

Email Marketing: Check the Numbers

  • Consumers who receive email from a retailer spend 83% more, and 44% of them order more often
  • The average ROI for every dollar spent on email marketing is $44.25
  • Top retailers send an average of 177 emails each year
  • 13% of holiday shoppers list email newsletters as their favorite source of locating deals

How CMOs and marketing directors use email marketing:

  • 76% use it for nurturing new prospects
  • 76% for generating brand awareness
  • 75% for increasing website visits
  • 65% for generating sales
  • 69% for driving lead generation

Ideopia supports all the requirements of an email or e-newsletter program in-house, including copy, landing pages, programming, and list management.

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