Express Your Brand on Social Media

What We Do

  • Plan social media
  • Provision accounts
  • Create written, photo and video content
  • Coordinate scheduling
  • Train staff
  • Report analytics
67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy brands they follow.

Ideopia is not a newcomer to social media marketing. We know how to make it work on its own, but also as part of the content and hybrid marketing mix.

Here's an example of results we've tracked from social media:

  • Increase website and landing page traffic
  • Increase quality of web traffic
  • Enhanced SEO rankings
  • Direct sales, ranging from a $30,000 steak dinner to a $40,000 piece of high-tech medical equipment
  • Increase reach to additional customers
  • Boost trade show booth traffic

Place your social media marketing under management

Ideopia collaborates with clients to plan and execute social media programs. We welcome and encourage client participation, but we're able to handle every aspect of execution if necessary.

The Meat Story

For a Twitter engagement with Morton's, the Steakhouse, we used a combination of monitoring and tweeting to herd the entire North Carolina Panthers football team to the restaurant for dinner. The tab for that dinner got the manager a big bonus.

Of course, there are many other ways to value your social media activities, e.g. traffic to your website or blog, interaction with your content, measures of influence (Klout), and good old reach. Learn more by calling Susan Abramovitz at 513-947-1444, ext. 10.